ATSI was founded in 2011 as a venture with the principals of HMS Construction and SECA IRC. President Mike High has over 15 years of manufacturing experience in the transit industry. Vice President Ken Basore has over 20 years of railroad signaling experience. Ken Basore and Mike High realized that to make ATSI a success, it must have employees with vast experience in the business. With that in mind, ATSI brought in the best people around the country, from CAD operation and design, to layout and wiring implementation, fabrication processes, IT, and systems building. They put together a state-of-the-art wire shop with the goal of being the best and cleanest shop in the country. ATSI uses state-of-the-art machinery to produce a very clean product in less time with fewer employees, resulting in a lower overall cost. One of the early accomplishments of ATSI was to become an ISO 9000 registered company.‚Äč All work is done in conformance to ATSI's Quality Management System.