Railroad communication and signaling systems integration
Wiring and assembly of railroad wayside enclosures
Local control panels
Metal fabrication
Laser engraving
Wayside material procurement & assembly

Wiring and Assembly of Railroad Wayside Enclosures

Pre-wired houses, racks and cases

Pre-wired signal cases

Control Panels

Pushbutton panels, joy-stick cab panels - laser-engraved, anodized, wired and tested

Manchac Drawbridge Control Panel in ServiceManchac drawbridge control panel in service    Control panel for signal bungalowControl panel for signal bungalow

Metal Fabrication

We use state-of-the-art CNC machinery and the highest quality materials to produce a very clean, accurate custom product in less time with fewer employees.

Waterjet cutting ATSI's sign   Press brake   Fiber Laser

Laser Engraving

Equipment labels

Engraving equipment labels for signal house   Pushbutton PanelPush button panel with lasered label

Wayside Material - Procurement and Assembly

Signal masts, assembled and wired
Switch machines
Crossing gates and cantilevers
Tilt-up towers & foundations

Railroad Communication and Signaling Systems Integration

Complete railroad communication and signaling systems from design through installation

Design, procurement, factory acceptance testing, field testing, cutover and support.  Our extensive collection of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment allows us to quickly and efficiently adapt to our customers' requirements.